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Secondly came the mass influx of disinherited masses into Europe. The Turks came to Germany following the dismemberment of the Osmanli Dawlet. The Berbers came from North Africa following the collapse of the French colonial empire. The Indians came from the violent dismemberment of Empire which tore the sub-continent into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. As the exhausted people of Europe, utterly betrayed by its political class, watch in fear as the European entity fragments, having been stitched together merely by a common currency without intrinsic value, it becomes daily more clear that renewal can only come from the great mass of displaced people whose binding factor is neither race nor coinage, but religion.

This work should prove relevant to the new Europeans.

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American Jews, especially those of the younger generation, have slowly lost their Jewish identity and have thus become indifferent to Israel, once again indicating that without strong opposition, unity is a difficult proposition. They no longer see a state aspiring to idealism out of the shadows of the Holocaust, but an oppressive regime who as Bernie Sanders notes ad nauseum uses "disproportionate force," when forced to defend itself.

Rather than contest the rampant rise of anti-Semitism and pleas for boycotts of Israel on college campuses, many young Jews find themselves sympathizing with the plight of Hamas led Palestinians. If they do support Israel, many young reform and secular Jews find themselves backstepping in their appraisal of the state, taking pride in their individual, highly nuanced perspectives that conform to liberal American values over Jewish values, at the liberal universities Jews like me find themselves attending, where atheism is an unofficial rule of thumb.

In concert with the gradual loss of Jewish values, Americans have also lost their desire for unity. There's no clear profit in it.

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Today, Jews in America and throughout the world see themselves as individuals and have thrived in their pursuits over the last century or so. Look no further than the statistic that 22 percent of the world's Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Jews, though they make up. To put that in perspective, a Jew is a times more likely to win a Nobel Prize than a non-Jew. Not to mention 55 times more likely to be worth over a billion dollars. With this success, some Jewish people feel they have been endowed with a special opportunity to repair the world through charitable acts and virtuous accomplishments, but in reality this isn't bringing the connection the world desperately needs.

In spite of the achievements of the Jewish people and their desire to improve the world, tikkun olam repairing the world has not even begun to take shape in any discernible way.

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Disproportionate wealth is decimating the American dream, the environment is on the brink of a full-scale collapse, racism and anti-Semitism often disguised as anti-Zionism is a perpetual threat. War, famine, disease and genocide thrive across the globe. In America, every other person is either drunk or stoned or on anti-depressants.

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Many people feel a constant sense of unease, burdened by irrational fears and endless sufferings. What Jews need to understand is that this suffering is purposeful. Humanity is at odds with the natural world, where everything works for the benefit of the whole. The system of nature is crying out for us to overcome our egos.

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  5. People conversely are driven by the desire to receive pleasure, and thus work only for the benefit of themselves and subconsciously dominate others to feed their egos. The only way to combat this selfish nature and feel whole is to connect to others, but precisely because of the egoistic nature of man, humanity resists this connection with more separation at all costs.

    While many Jewish people of all ages will have hotly contested debates over the state of Israel at Passover Seders, the goal should be to remember the real meaning of Israel. Israel is not a place, but an ideal. It is a desire to connect above the forces of separation.

    In today's world where a person can literally turn off opposing points of view on his or her facebook page, the bravest thing one can do is listen to another person with his or her heart without the blinders of his or her ego.

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    By awakening the heart above the mind in an effort to reunite into a single soul, a person is taking a giant leap towards repairing the world, for this is the first step in true connection. If the Jewish people around the world could connect around the ideal of Israel, rather than bicker over the democracy lodged in the Middle East, it could create a ripple effect that has the power to transform humanity.

    When people choose to serve a great cause in connection above their small egotistical desire, they have the capacity to be great themselves and shape a better world. US Edition U.

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